Hiking Trains in Denmark

Thre are several hiking trails in Denmark. The majority are all well sidned and have excellent accommodation choices along the way.

The best known trails are:

European Trails

European Ramblers Association have two routes through Denmark

E1 – The Trail of Changes – From Nordkapp to Salerne, where you walk fron Grenå til Kruså in Denmark.

E6 – From Sweden to Slovenia, where you walk from Helsinore to Kruså in Denmark

Architect shelter on Fyn
European Ramblers Association - Leading Quality Trails

Leading Quality Trails

European Ramblers Association have also selected a numer of hiking trails as Leading Quality Trails. Only the very best routes of unique quality regarding signs, routes, experiences along the way as accommodation possibilities can be selected.

In short hiking trails worth all the blisters!

In Denmark there are two Leading Quality Trails

Mols Bjerge Stien: 60 km, 3 stages from Kalø Slotsruin to  Ebeltoft

Gendarmstien: 84 km, 5 stages from Padborg to Skovby

Danish Hiking Trails

There are a wide selection of beautiful trails along stunning country- and seaside:

Hikes in Jutland

The Ancient Road: 500 + km -runs straight from the North to the South of Jutland

Coast to Coast: 130 km across Jutland from Blåvandshuk to Vejle

Marskstien: 54 km round trip – Tønder – Højer

Gendarmstien: 84 km along the old border between Denmark and Germany

Vestkyststien: 80 – 100 km Agger Tange – Bulbjerg

Trækstien: 70 km along the river Gudenåen  – Silkeborg – Randers

Kongeåstien: 67 km along the river Kongeåen from Vamdrup to The Wadeen Sea

Århus-Silkeborg: 64 km through the Lake District in Middle Jutland

Alsstien: 62 km lalong the Eastern shorers of  the Island of Als from Hardeshøj to Kegnæs

Hikes on Fyn

The Archipelago Trail: 220 km –  Hike along the South Funen Archipelago
Little Belt Trail: 27 km along the Little Belt from Strib to Gamborg




Hikes on Sealand

Nordkyststien: 100 km along the North Shores of Sealand  – Sjællands Odde to Hundested

Camønoen: 175 km – A web of trails on the Islands of Møn, Bogø og Nyurt.

Skjoldungestien: 30 km through the National Park  Skjoldungernes land

Furesøen Rundt: 21 km round the Furesø Lade

Mølleåstien: 40 km along the stream Mølleøen from Bure Lade to Skodsborg

Klintekongens Rige: 14 km round Møns Klint along the beach, and through woodlands.

Trails on Bornholm

 Bornholm Rundt: ca. 120 km along the coast of Bornholm.
Apart from the trails mentioned on the page, you can find several local routes, short as well as long. Please check the homepages of the local Tourist Information offices, Dansk Vandrelaug and Naturstyrelsen